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Polymer Processing Machinery Sales, LLC.


Today we offer Davis-Standard extruders as well as the complete line of Doteco equipment for the extrusion industry in the southeastern United States. We also represent the aftermarket group of Davis-Standard and can provide screws, barrels, gearboxes, and controls for nearly any type of extruder.

We can provide equipment for the modification of existing lines.

With Red Oak Sales we can provide complete monofilament lines using Davis Standard extruders and AEC equipment packages

With International Fiber Technologies (IFT) we can provide complete multifilament packages as well as modify current line capabilities.

Polymer Processing Machinery Sales, LLC.


  • PPM Sales began in 1996 as a division of Lawson-Hemphill with the focus on worldwide fiber production, Davis Standard extruders were our main product.
  • In 1998 in cooperation with Red Oak Sales and International Fiber Technology we began to offer small turnkey monofilament and multifilament fiber lines.
  • In 1999 we included Colortronic NA in our product mix. This allowed us to offer conveying, drying and blending products along with extruders. The Colortronic name was discontinued and the product line was folded into AEC in 2013
  • In 2003 Polymer Processing Machinery Sales, LLC was established with all of the principles mentioned above.
  • In 2004 PPM Sales reached agreement to sell melt filtration equipment designed and built by Gneuss. This allowed us the opportunity to work on recycling projects with many of our existing customers.
  • In 2014 PPM Sales began marketing AEC equipment as a replacement for Colortronic NA. We supply the complete line of AEC axillary equipment in the southeast for the fiber industries, as well as the pipe, profile, wire and cable industries.
  • In 2017 PPM Sales began marketing Doteco blending equipment and Main Tech auxiliary equipment

Polymer Processing Machinery Sales, LLC.

Markets we service:

  • BCF Carpet Yarn (PET, Nylon, RPET, PP)
  • Staple Fiber
  • Industrial Yarns- mono-filament and multi-filament applications such as rope, tire cord and other high strength, conductive, or fire proof
  • Apparel Yarns – multifilament applications for athletic wear, hosiery and other light weight yarns
  • Nonwovens – spun bond , melt blown, needle punch and other applications. Our non-woven customers manufacture, diapers, filters, geo-technical liners, medical/surgical gowns and many other products
  • Other areas of fiber production include: Medical fiber and yarns, fishing line, conductive fiber and yarns, paint brush bristles, weed trimmer filament, 3-D printer β€œink”, and many others.

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